The Visual Ear
allowing the deaf to hear with their eyes
Cotronix is developing a method that will revolutionize the way the hearing impaired consider their disability.  After training, they will be able to hear sounds visually.

In the USA alone, almost a million people are functionally deaf, a quarter of these being under age 18.  In addition, 5 million people have severe hearing impairment.  The end users of the Visual Ear system would typically be patients with auditory nerve damage and those who would not reasonably improve their hearing with standard electronic aids or cochlear implants.  Unlike with hearing aids, not a trace of hearing ability need exist for the Visual Ear to be useful.  The Visual Ear will work equally well against varying degrees of hearing loss.  This is not a quick fix - patients must train with this system for it to be useful to them - similar to learning how to read.  This concept goes much further than lip reading, sign language, or text conversion -- it can actually allow the deaf to hear everything!
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